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Stop Hiring Stangers

Maate | word of mouth in your pocket


We have plumbers, electricians, painters, designers, personal trainers, and much much more, and they are all trustworthy, becase you and your friends already know them.


Do you have something to offer? Do you want to be found by people that already know and trust you? Add your service, you can list anything, for FREE!

You already know everybody you need to know

Looking for a Plumber? You already know one.
Looking for an Electrician? You already know one.
Looking for a Personal Trainer? Your already know one.

Stop googling strangers.

Find Trusted Trades

What is Maate?

Maate is Google, for TRUSTED search results.
For a quick explanation check out our short video.

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Why Google DOESN’T work

When you google search ‘plumber’ for example, google returns hundreds of results. That’s hundreds of ‘plumbers’ from which you need to decide, who to trust.

Why Maate DOES work

But when you search ‘plumber’ on Maate, you only receive results you can trust.

Results are plumbers you already know, or plumbers your friends know.

When are friends really friends

Unlike Facebook “friends”, Maate uses real “friends” to refer trusted service providers to you. People you know, or people your friends know.

The power of word-of-mouth

What’s trusted more than word of mouth?


Do it! Find trades you can trust

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