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Maate is word of mouth in your pocket. It’s people you know, offering services you need.
Don’t google-it to find 1000 plumbers you can’t trust.
Maate-it, to ONLY find plumbers you already know and TRUST.

Watch the video!


Firstly, ensure you have the app installed on your Android or iPhone mobile phone.

Then simply search for the service you are looking for. Just type it in.

BAM, that’s it!

The search results you are presented with will ONLY be people you already know. No strangers you can’t trust. It’s just like word-of-mouth, only digital.


No, the beauty of Maate is that anyone can offer a service, and you can offer whatever you like.

Are you an office worker by day, but baby sitter by night?
Are you an accountant by day, but football coach on weekends?
Are you in between jobs, but have skills you can offer right now?
Are you a mechanic, and looking to expand your client base?

Add your services to Maate to be found by everyone that knows you, and their friends.

It’s word of mouth in your pocket.

Of course!

Maate is a great marketing tool that works together with your current strategy.

At the moment you spend plenty of time and money trying to get your business in front of people you don’t know. Adding your business to Maate targets the market you have been missing, the people you already know. But it doesn’t bother them in any way, because it’s marketing in stealth. The people you know will only find you when they need you. It’s passive marketing, but with laser beam focus.

We all know how powerful word of mouth is, Maate is word of mouth on steroids!

Maate is available on Android and iPhone.

Download your version from the homepage.

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