Here in the ‘profile’ section is where you can add details about your services.

Tap the person icon to get to the ‘profile’ section.

Firstly, add your photo by tapping the icon and selecting a photo, or taking a new one.
A photo is always better than a boring icon.

Then add your name or business name.
But make it recognisable to your friends, or else they may not be sure who you are when you show up in search results.


Now you need to a your service.
Tap the + sign to add your offering/service.

Tap in the field and enter your service.
In this example I am a “Product Developer”.
Other examples could be “Plumber”, “Electrician”, “Baby Sitter”, “Accountant”, “Personal Trainer”, etc etc.
Note, your service is searchable, meaning whatever words you use here, people can use them to find you in their search.
They act just like keywords.

Tap on the arrow to add tags.

Tags are like keywords.
Add tags that you think people will use to find you when they search.
For example, if I was a “plumber”, I would add words like “drains”, “blocked”, “pipes”, etc etc.
In this example, I am a “product developer”, so I will add tags related to that.

Once you have added a tag, tap the + symbol to add it.

The more tags you add, the better chances you have of being found in a search.
So add as many as you can.

Currently the limit is 5 tags. But remember, your service ‘title’ is also searchable, so you actually have more than 5.

Once you have finished updating your profile, tap ‘profile’ to save and return the main page.

Ensure you save your changes. Tap ‘yes’.

And you’re done.

Remember, you can always come back and change any of the details at anytime.