Click in the search field and enter what you are looking for.

For example, if you need an electrician you can trust, type "electrician".
Then press the search button (magnifying glass).

BAM!!! the results are in.

2 in YOUR network.
3 in your FRIENDS network.

But what does it mean?

"2 in YOUR network"
This means that out all the people you know directly, ie. 1st degree friends, 2 of them are offering 'electrician' as a service.
And because you already know them, you can:
- VIEW their PROFILE (click on photo)
- CALL them
- SMS them


"3 in FRIENDS network"
This means 3 of your friends know people that are offering 'electrician' as a service.

You don't know those electricians, therefore you need your request a connection from your friend.

Click on the 'request connection' icon (link).
This will send your friend a connection request. It will tell them you are looking for an electrician.

Before you know it your friend will connect you and you will be able to contact them directly.