Navigating around the app


Returns you to the home page. The home page is this ‘search’ page.
It also clears any searches you may have on the screen

Use this to navigate between the ‘search’, ‘mine’, and ‘others page.
You can click them, or you can slide your finger across the screen to move either left or right.

Menu Indicator
The ‘menu indicator’ lets you know on which page you are on. The ‘menu indicator’ in the screenshot above shows we are on the ‘search’ page.

Search Window
This is where you type in search terms. So if you were looking for an electrician, you would type ‘electrician’ in there.
Then you press the ‘search button’ to initiate the search.

Search Button
Press this once you have entered your search term/s.

We’d love for you to share the app with your friends.
Maate is powered by the ‘network effect’, which means the more people that are on it, the better it is for everyone.
If you are interested in learning more about the ‘network effect’, click here.

In here you can add a profile picture. It helps people recognise you.
This is also where you add any services you wish to offer. You can offer anything!! There are no restrictions.
For more info on updating your ‘profile’, click here.

In here you can find helpful information such as the app version, FAQs, contact links and other things.

Click this button to get a quick tips splash screen. Good for when you just need a little reminder.
Of course for more in depth help, you will need to go to the FAQs.