Making Connections

You only need to make connections when you don’t know a service provider directly.
Sticking with the ‘electrician’ example, if you get results in “FRIENDS network”, as shown in the screenshot below, then you have the opportunity to request a connection from your friend.

In this example, your friends Freddy, Eddie, and Justin know ‘electricians’.
To be able to contact those electricians you will need to ask your friends for a connection request.

Click on the ‘connection request’ button (link icon).
This will send your friend a connection request.


You can check your connection requests on the MINE page.


When your friends connect you, you will receive a notification, and your connection will appear in the ‘granted’ section.

Now that they are connection, a direct friend, you can
– view their profile (click their photo)
– add them to your contacts list
– call them
– sms them


If your friends do not connect you, your declined request will appear in the ‘declined’ section.